Du-te la conținut
© Raluca Neferu Amelia 10” x 7.5”/ 27 x 19 cm Oil on linen
© Raluca Neferu Andrea 8.6” x 6.3”/ 22 x 16 cm Oil on linen
Portrait Study – Cast Drawing. Graphite on Paper, A3.
Figure Study – Cast Drawing. Graphite on Paper, A3.

the classical technique

Paintings made with a refined technique that display a classical theme are often charged with powerful emotions. They radiate an inspiring aura that may be a boon in your day-to-day activities or provide a space for you to recharge with good spirits after a tiring day.

As masterful figurative classical art casts its mysterious spell, the paintings’ characters come to life so vividly as to make one feel the characters’ very company. A good portrait can make an emptied house feel inhabited again, and immortalizing a loved one can soothe the loneliness of one’s soul in later years. Indeed, nobody can be alone in the presence of a human being’s legacy, where their very spirit keeps one company.

About the artist

Sunt pasionată de construirea sensului prin arta vizuală, acordând o atenție deosebită modului în care aceasta influenţează experiența privitorului.

Cercetez modul în care energia pe care o emană arta de calitate poate conduce, inspira și sprijini oamenii să se îmbunătățească în eforturile lor personale și profesionale.