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Art Journal

Art Journal

Traditional Art at Home in a Modern Space

My experience as an interior designer granted me many opportunities to learn how to infuse spaces not only with purpose but also with personality. For me, respecting the personality of a space means honoring the culture of its architecture.  It is unfortunate that not all interior designers deem this culture worth honoring. Wall hanging artworks, […]

Art Journal

Inspiration: From Practice to Mastery

Do you long to feel those shivers down your spine as an idea of overwhelming beauty bursts into your mind and grasps your heart like a ray of light sent by the gods, rekindling your brilliance in one dashing outburst of phenomenal genius? Perhaps you are suppressing the panic-ridden thought that you have no talent, […]

Art Journal

Fine Art Photography: Classical Portraiture with Beata Praska

I want to share with you a precious jewel that I have found, a rare joy that I have experienced, not only as a fine art painter, but also as a sensitive human being: the great mystery of being truly witnessed and raised into art by another human being. Imagine stepping into an artist’s studio, […]

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How studying art helps me better understand life

Commentary On “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri The art student that should be, and is so rare, is the one whose life is spent in the love and the culture of his personal sensations, the cherishing of his emotions, never undervaluing them, the pleasure of exclaiming them to others, and an eager search for […]

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Into The Mind’s Eye

Part I – My Inspiration for the theme The project that I am working on right now is called Into the Mind’s Eye and it captures the brief moment before we pass through the doors to our imagination.  Of the many art motifs in which I find inspiration, the chimerical bird-female figure has always been […]

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Why write about art when art is already speaking for itself

Art speaks for itself. Painting, music, dance, poetry, and all other arts have their own language. Each art form has its own channel of communication, whether that is color, sound, motion, or something else.  Why, then, write about art? Why use one art’s language to translate another’s? How much is lost, and how much is […]

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Atelier Madrid – A Place to Reinvent Oneself

I had always held a deep enthusiasm for creating and placed great value on doing so with integrity of character, so I recently started to sharpen my drawing and painting skills with maturity of purpose and dedication at Atelier Madrid in Spain. Thus I decided to turn my passion for the Arts into a fulfilling […]

Art Journal

About me and this art journal

I am a perpetually curious artist with a growth-mindset who wants to make a difference in people’s lives through the single thing that most authentically belongs to me, which is my motivation to become a professional artist. I want this journal to be an inspiration nook for everything art related: inspiring art topics, art curiosities, […]