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About me and this art journal

I am a perpetually curious artist with a growth-mindset who wants to make a difference in people’s lives through the single thing that most authentically belongs to me, which is my motivation to become a professional artist.

I want this journal to be an inspiration nook for everything art related: inspiring art topics, art curiosities, great artists, motivating art books, unique art schools everywhere in the world, my own observations, insights about the artistic process, art events, and many more.

I started this blog at about the same time I decided to make classic figurative art a lifetime pursuit. It is my companion on this journey, a place where I can organize and share my thoughts.

Why figurative art and classical realism

As I have always been an admirer of classical art, I want to express myself with sincerity and integrity.

Although, for me, realist art is the most complex way of understanding shapes, reality, and the laws of Nature, I do not intend to argue against other forms of visual art, which I also hold in high regard.  

My artistic roots

Since early childhood, I was drawn to the fine skills of drawing and painting. I felt these skills to be the best way for me to observe, absorb and connect with other beings and things.

Encouraged by my family to discover and cultivate my talents, I grew up having many interests and creative pursuits. While this was of benefit to my personality, it has always been a hard choice for me to choose a specific professional field to pursue.

My artistic journey

Since elementary school, I discovered my strong affinity for reading, writing, history, and foreign languages, which led to my choice of studying humanities throughout high school. I also had ample opportunity to go to the theatre very often and immerse myself in the world of the stage. I chose to study stage design for my Bachelors because I could mix my newly discovered passion for theatre with my already known rooted passion for drawing.

At this point, I attended my first 6-month training with the graphic artist, engraver, and stage designer Iuri Isar in order to better understand drawing principles and techniques and how they apply to stage design. He was my first true mentor in the fine arts, and I will always count the hours spent in his workshop among my favorite memories.

A blend of art and architecture

Stage design opened for me new opportunities to learn from other fields as well – architecture in particular. Mixing my existing skills with the desire to travel, I applied to The German Academic Exchange for and was granted a two-year scholarship to finance my Masters Studies in Interior Architecture in Wiesbaden, Germany.

My studies led to my on-the-job collaboration with skilled architects, with whom I gained an insider’s insight into good interior design and architecture. By approaching real spaces creatively, I further developed my self-trust, discipline, and consideration for the many elements that influence the quality of life within a living space. Architecture is a living art, as it exists within the here and now.

A myriad interests, one true calling

While retaining a keen interest in architecture and the shaping of space, I felt the need to switch focus back to refining my talent for fine art rather than mastering technical digital drawing.

I am constantly trying to balance all elements of my life, for through this harmony I achieve greater creativity and results within any single area I choose to focus on.

My previous studies were all within the field of applied arts, but fine art was always closest to my heart, because on the canvas is how I can best express my feelings and communicate my thoughts.

Besides my passion for visual arts, I am pushing myself to continue to grow as a creative thinker in other areas that support my artistic development, including cooking, reading, photography, and dance.

My curiosity had always driven me to constantly try new things, and painting is neither my first nor my last interest, but it is my foremost in both intensity and duration, for all my other interests bring their contribution to and find their place within it.

My approach to art

I am passionate about building meaning through visual art while paying close attention to how it affects the viewer’s experience.

I am researching how the energy of quality art can lead, inspire, and support people to better themselves in their personal and professional endeavors.

My creative vision

The foundations of my vision, the subject matters I want my paintings to burst with are freedom, growth, and love.  I see a world of determined individuals who push themselves to grow in harmony. I wish to express enthusiasm for creation, integrity of character, joy of sharing. I am inspired by nature and I wish to illustrate the connection between the human being and nature. I want to paint the unseen, what is hidden to the common eye. I also like to create my own interpretations of the cosmos and various mythological concepts including heaven. I want to give my palette and my compositions a playful touch – a dash of youth, a sprinkle of elegance.

My foremost pursuit is to achieve truly immersive and evocative dynamic compositions, to master the representation of three-dimensional shapes in motion on the two-dimensional static canvas.

Experiencing art first hand, I now realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that art training is life training, and that art is an instrument for creating oneself in the image of one’s ideals.

I am now prepared to heed my true calling, to walk besides Great Masters past and present, and to draw my own footsteps on the canvas of art history.

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